Clymer Hill

Reformed Church

Old Clymer Hill Building

About Clymer Hill

 The church on Clymer Hill was formed on June 29, 1847 by settlers of Dutch background. Because the
Dutch immigrants were poor the land they could afford was the poorer hill land. While the Dutch
Reformed Church would have been their preferred denomination, other Reformed Churches were far
away and there were Congregational churches in the area, so the church was established as a
Congregational church.

Land was purchased in 1852. At about that time the congregation had become aware of the Reformed
Church and after receiving information, felt that they wanted to be part of the Reformed Church. As a
result, on April 19, 1853, Clymer Hill Reformed Church was established. A building was built and
dedicated April 19, 1854. Membership grew from 43 in 1851 to 141 in 1868.

Over the years the building was enlarged, a parsonage was added and various programs and activities
were added including a women’s group, youth fellowship and vacation Bible School. Twenty-six full-time
Reformed ministers beginning with Adolphe Hesselink in 1846 have served the church in its 174 years of
existence and at least 2 part-time interim pastors including our current one, Bill Greenwald.